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Wise Balloon Helps The Sikh Network To Create Visual Communication Tools For The Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020

The Sikh community through the Sikh Network have published the first ever Sikh Manifesto for the general election this May. The Manifesto looks to engage the wider Sikh community with mainstream politics at all levels. This was done by identifying real community issues that will resonate with voters above and beyond concerns around the economy, health, education, immigration etc, and encouraging them to openly discuss with all candidates. Together with the five step election and political engagement strategy set out below the sikh network are encouraging open discussions and dialogue with all candidates.

Five step election and political engagement strategy;

1. Maximum Sikh voter registration by 20 April

2. Read and become familiar with the Sikh Manifesto (

3. Discuss the Sikh Manifesto with all candidates and ask about personal as well as party commitment

4. Maximum voter turnout at the General Election on 7 May

5. Increase influence by encouraging non-Sikh friends to vote with you

The manifesto document, 5 Step election strategy combined with a professional marketing and awareness campaign supported by Wise Balloon ltd is planning to make a significant impact on the British Sikh community. Through the use of social and mainstream media, creative promotional videos & vines relay a simple and clear message that The Sikh Vote matters to politicians and that the manifesto points matter to Sikhs